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Joining Planeswalker Points

If you have a DCI number, you are already a member of the Planeswalker Points Program. To view your points, just enter your DCI number on the Planeswalker Points page and click “View Points." If you do not have a DCI number, just follow the steps below to get started.

Go to the event.

When you first arrive, let the Tournament Organizer know that you are a new player. You will be asked to fill out a short registration form that includes your DCI number. You will need your DCI number to log onto your Planeswalker Points profile.

Immediately after the event ends, your Tournament Organizer will activate your account and enter your play results into the Wizards database.

Activate your account to view your points.

Use the Activation code on your registration form to create a password for your account. Note that you can still view your profile and points without a password, but to protect your privacy many features are disabled unless you have a password.

Follow the link here for complete details on the Planeswalker Points Program.