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Kaladesh releases on 9/30/16 and we're taking preorders now on all products.

We're running a ton of tournaments to celebrate the release of Kaladesh at Black Gold!

Let's start with Prerelease Events. We're running 6 total.

Friday 9/23 - Midnight

Saturday 9/24 10:00AM

Saturday 9/24 3:00PM

Saturday 9/24 7:30PM

Sunday 9/25 Noon

Sunday 9/25 5:00PM

We're running a Midnight draft on Launch Eve.

Thursday 9/29 Midnight

We're running Launch Weekend Sealed Deck events.

Saturday 10/1 4:00PM

Sunday 10/2 2:00PM

And last, but not least, We're running 2 Game Day events!

Saturday 10/22 4:00PM

Sunday 10/23 2:00PM