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Black Gold is the best place to find Magic the Gathering singles, packs, decks, sets, and accessories everything from playmats and sleeves to dice and deckboxes. It is also the best place to play and trade MtG, offering Modern, Vintage, Legacy, Standard, draft and sealed format tournaments. Scheduling can be found on our website and updates are posted on our facebook page


Established in 2002.
Black Gold Magic originally was located inside the SouthWest Plaza Mall and run by previous owner, Carl V. who specialized in sports cards and gradually moved to Magic. Eventually, do to his love of Magic the Gathering, he switched to Magic solely and and moved across Bowles Ave to sell the vast collection of Magic singles he built up, along with the new and current sets. In 2014 Mike A. took over the store after working over a decade in the Magic business and is now the most knowledgeable store owner with the best collection in town.

Meet the Business Owner

MIke A.
MIke A.Business Owner
Mike started as a fan of Magic the Gathering in middle school and later was able to obtain a coveted position at Coins, Cards and Comics. It didn't take long before his knowledge expanded the inventory and reputation of MtG at the shop and earned him a management position shortly then after.

He went on to be featured in the local news paper and became a well known figure within the Magic community. People from all over the state would go to CCC, even though they never hosted events, because of his incredible knowledge of best sets, decks, events, advice, and individual cards.

In 2014 he was given an opportunity to take over ownership of the clean and well stocked Black Gold in Littleton. Although it was sad to leave CCC, he and everyone there was excited for him to take his expertise to the next level, including the previous owner who plays in tournaments at Black Gold regularly.

Since taking ownership, tournaments are larger than ever and people seem very pleased with Mike's work.